Set of 12 Assorted Watercolors in Half Pans and 6 Brushes

Set of 12 Assorted Watercolors in Half Pans and 6 Brushes

Set of 12 Assorted Vibrant Colors in Half Pans and 6 Watercolor Brushes into a Comfortable Canvas Case. This is a Great Watercolor Paint Set for Artists on The go


  • PORTABLE WATERCOLOR PAINT SET, COMPACT AND VERY PRACTICAL: 12 High quality watercolors for artists. Possess good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good working properties. Every basic color you need.
  • GREAT WATERCOLOR PAN SET, Non-Toxic,Safe & The Best Value. Perfect gift for your kids, friends, students and anyone who love painting. The Best complement for any watercolor set for outdoor.
  • OUR WATERCOLOR BRUSHES ARE STURDY AND DURABLES: Black Nickel Ferrules are more durable and double crimped to the handle, there is no wobbling.
  • THIS WATERCOLOR BRUSH SET, COMES WITH ERGONOMIC HANDLES: long solid wooden in special painting color. Providing the perfect combination between balance and confort.
  • GIFT - MULTIPURPOSE CANVAS CASE: Keep brushes protect, and also become this canvas case into a practical brush holder. Also works for different sizes and brushes quantities,therefore you can add your old brushes to your new set too and take them anywhere you want.

All-In-One Watercolor Set with Brush - Have everything you need to create beautiful paintings with this set that includes 12 vibrant colors plus 6 Watercolor brushes and a practical brush holder. This small watercolor kit can be transported easily. Take it with you for urban sketching, natural journaling or coffee-house painting. Its sturdy storage case protects your paint no matter where you take it and your canvas case let you take your brushes without problems!

This watercolor artist paint set contains:


- Water Colors are made from a concentrated dosage of finely ground pigments for an artist quality finish.
- Excellent transparency, tinting strength and intensity for lasting performance.
- Resistant to fading and discoloration from direct sunlight, easy to blend colors and quick to dry.
-Tiny watercolor palette included, can paint all day without having to worry about cleaning.

6 PIECES PAINT BRUSHES (Perfect for greater control over small details):

- Our brush holders are made from top-notch wood. They have undergone all the necessary processing and are distinguished by their durability and quality.
- Black handles with a smooth finish of Length: 9~10 inches.
- Brushes come in different sizes: #2,#4,#6,#8,#10,# 12 with a high quality Nylon bristles.


- You can hang it on your wall and have better exposure of your brushes.
- You can transform it into a glass to have better access to your tools on your work table.
- It rolls up and buckles for storage and transport.
- Made with waterproof canvas. You can clean it with a wet tissue.

Perfect Set for Artists of All Levels!